DATACLEVER Analysis Software is a powerful operating data system. It aims to support your organization and stakeholders getting the meaningful amount of information in order to:

  • Prepare regulatory and internal reporting.   

  • Display internal KPIs – organized per buckets (amount, maturity, rate).   

  • Reconcile business data with the accounting balances and ensure data consistency from back-office to accounting.

  • Calculate averaged contracts per configurable clusters, which can then be used as a basis for forecast.

  • Build evolution hypothesis forecast, based on existing portfolios.


Whether you are working in a back-office, accounting, engagement, commercial, financial administration, internal control or risk departments within financing or retail banks, DATACLEVER provides completely segregated sets of data and accurate forecast projections and calculations. 


Thanks to its flexibility, complementarity and its data segregation, it ensures the consistency between all the managed elements, using the same database model and data source. 


DATACLEVER is based on the client existing back-office and accounting systems, grabbing only the relevant information, to apply the different functionalities that the different user groups require. Source data is extracted with a reading grant on the back-office systems, without any other interaction. 


Out of the box, the application contains a default set of functions, which is completely configurable. This means that based on the project scoping phase, some functions can be excluded, adapted or completed during the integration phase.


Every system function is implemented with a micro-service approach. This makes it reliable, scalable and easy to set up. It is also performance savvy as no unused function is calculated. 


With an appropriate mapping between the DATACLEVER results, based on issue dates, and accounting balances from the source system, DATACLEVER proposes a reconciliation between the business data positions and the accounting balances, guarantying a perfect consistency between the back-office systems and accounting.


Thanks to its internal powerful financial engine, using the current stage of the portfolio and different configurable hypothesis on variations of the rates, currencies, indexes and productivity (growth of the number contracts), DATACLEVER is able to forecast and simulate what would be the portfolio in the future.