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Our Solution


You work in a department within a financing or retail bank, DATACLEVER provides a set of financial analysis results, allowing you to make forecast, projections, isolated by segregation of data by corresponding user groups to your organization.



DATACLEVER bases its analytics on front-to-back ERP platforms and accounting applications. It retains and displays the relevant and essential information depending on user profiles.


The application natively contains a set of financial functions that can be activated and controlled by configuration.

Every system function is implemented with a micro-service approach. Thanks to its architecture, DATACLEVER is easy to deploy, efficient, flexible, reliable and scalable.

Thanks to its powerful financial calculation engine, based on a portfolio summary, refreshed at a configurable frequency, DATACLEVER makes it possible to develop various forecasting hypotheses (variations in rates, currencies, indices and production).

DATACLEVER is able to predict and simulate the evolution of your organization portfolio(s), based on variation hypotheses, but also production evolutions in volume or structure.

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